Historische Bobbahn Riessersee

Historic Bobsleigh Track Riessersee

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Situation in Autumn 2013

During the summer trees and bushes along the track were cut. The earth on the track has been taken away, so it will be easier to create the necessary icy surface. The old pipes from the water supply have been repaired.
The trail for the visitors is in good condition and allows nice views on the track.

Checking the Pump

Is it possible to take the hydrants on the train again to operate and thus possibly to freeze the lower portion of the track?
The pump to supply water to the hydrants at the track as well as the pipes are still there. However, the power supply is shut down for a long time.
Exciting was therefore whether the pump can still be put into operation and the water supply to the hydrant works.
The necessary electrical power was provided by the German agency for Technical Relief (THW) with a mobile generator.
Surprisingly the pump motor worked right away.
The problem, however, was the fact that no one knew about the actual technique of the water supply. Moreover it turned out that some part of the old pipes in the pump house were missing. Naturally, some valves were heavily rusted.
After several hours and many attempts the water was running. And also the hydrants at the track could be put into operation one after another.

Construction of the boundary

In Autumn 2012 a wooden boundary was constructed at the lower part of the track

The refrigeration of the Track

Since early December 2012 already much snow had fallen, the volunteers of the local Sportclub "Riessersee" began to prepare the track.
Unfortunately, the almost nearly completed work was destroyed by strong thaw after Christmas.
Work began again in mid-January with the support of many volunteers.  Snow was partly supplied from the ice-rink in the town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen.
After the track was completely covered with snow, it was again sprayed over the entire length with water to create an icy surface.