Historische Bobbahn Riessersee

Historic Bobsleigh Track Riessersee

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Here the track begins. From the house only the base remained. Here also was the end of the elevator which brought the bobsleighs to the top. You still can see the rails.


Getting started

Right after the start comes the first curve and a long straight passage. On the right above you can see clearly the path for the visitors.


Now we reach the so called "Kilian-Looping", a pit in the track. Here one can see the left and right border of the track made of stone and an old base.

Endress-Curve and crossing the forest road

After a straight passage we reach the Endress-Curve. Afterwards the track coresses the forest road to "Tonih├╝tte" and "Hausberg".

Crows Nest

Crows Nest was a watchtower at the track. The base is still visible.


Now the tracks leads under the Martini-Bridge.


After the Martini-Bridge left below the track one can see the pump station. Water from Lake Riessersee was pumped up here.

Through the "Vorkurve"

Here an old flagpole is visible, also one can see iron rods above the curve. Here wooden plates were installed to increase the height of some dangerous curves.

The "Bayernkurve" ("Bavarian curve")

The "Bayernkurve" was the most difficult and dangerous part of the track. The track turns 180 degrees.

Towards the Finish

After the "Bayernkurve" the track leads toward the Finish above lake Riessersee through "Kasparseck", the "Wasserwand" and the "Seekurve".


After the "Seekurve" we reach the Final Curve. Left above in the forest is the former canteen, right down to the lake you can see two Pump-Stations.